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Banks own real estate because the banks have acquired the homes through foreclosure. Homes on a bank's books are called REOs, which is an acronym for "Real Estate Owned." Realize that when banks receive deeds to homes through foreclosure, it's because no one presented an acceptable offer on the courthouse steps when the home was offered at the Trustee’s Sale.


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Guy Foxwell welcomes the opportunity to assist you with the disposition of your REO properties. We have a dynamic and professional team ready and available to meet your real estate needs. Our team members comprise a full service asset management company specializing in working with banks in maintaining and remodeling their REO assets.

Asset Managers and Brokers can be assured that our years of service to the industry will provide them with quality rehab work on the foreclosed homes in their portfolio. We can protect, preserve, value and market your REO properties in a manner that encourages homeownership opportunities, preserves communities and provides you with the greatest return on your investment dollars. Our professionalism will allow you to be on time or ahead of schedule in getting your inventory of real estate foreclosures ready for sale.

Our Asset Management Team is an approved vendor for Freddie Mac and would now like to provide you with the same prompt, courteous and professional services we have already been providing to other brokers in Southern California. We have provided rehab services on foreclosed homes throughout the Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange and San Diego County areas.

Additionally, we have been performing rehabs and maintenance tasks for the Department of Housing and Urban Development and Brokers for many years on their REO inventory. We have completed projects both large and small.

Our staff is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to respond to your needs resolving property related emergencies (situations that pose an imminent threat to health or safety).

We would love to help you estimate repairs and get your foreclosed homes turned around quickly. We understand the importance of deadlines and how they affect your bottom line. Please let us know how we can become a part of your REO team.



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